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Cottage Inn Concepts

Cottage Inn first appeared in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1948 as a small pizzeria and Italian restaurant. For over 65 years we have continued to evolve and change while maintaining one objective: “Provide the most amazing Gourmet Pizza in town.” Although the Cottage Inn focus throughout the years has been primarily in the Ann Arbor and Michigan market, 2014 brings new vision under new leadership. George and Theo Michos, sons of one of the original founder Nick Michos, are positioning the Cottage Inn management team to reach a new stratosphere.

The new Cottage Inn team is starting with a new restaurant concept, the Cottage Inn Café. This latest concept will only help to broaden the Michigan presence and help to expand the brand nationwide.

Cottage Inn has created a concept for each market and an opportunity to fit the desires of any aspiring entrepreneur to jump into the gourmet pizza industry. Read on to select a concept or two that is right for you!

Carry out and Delivery

Cottage Inn has built its own corporate stores and restaurants centered around the university communities of Ann Arbor and Lansing, Michigan. We have produced a proven business model that caters to the student population by offering a convenient location and expanded hours to deliver to both late night study groups and the late night die-hard alike. Pizza has always been and will always be the value-driven food of choice for a budget conscious university student. Average size of a carryout & delivery store is 1200 to 1500 square feet.

Pizza Buffet and Dining

Cottage Inn expanded from the carryout and delivery concept to offer a buffet/dining concept with limited seating. This new offering provided a gathering place for study groups and sports teams alike and a stress free gathering space for date nights and girls’ nights out. Pizza fanatics can take advantage of a buffet offering a variety of gourmet pizzas, salads and bread-sticks, without being rushed out so a server can rush in their next tip-driven guest. This concept has proven successful beyond the university communities. Average size of the buffet and dining locations are 1500 to 2500 square feet.

Cottage Inn Café concept

The Café locations will offer a small, cozy sit-down environment with beer and wine service. The sit-down area will offer flat screens for the dedicated sport’s fans and a cozy self-serve environment while enhancing your visit by providing beer and wine. We will still offer carryout and delivery from these locations but with the added advantage of having beer and wine brought to your seat alongside your gourmet pizza. Desired size of the Cottage Inn Café is 2500-3200 square feet.

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