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Mission Statement

It takes more than delicious food to give Cottage Inn customers the dining experience they deserve. We require our employees to wear clean, pressed uniforms and be well-groomed. The appearance of the store, from driveway to restrooms, is also important. Your staff deserves as pleasant an environment as the customers. Our standards are high and our quality even higher!

We provide SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and require our franchisees and staff to follow them to the letter. This is the only way to ensure a consistent product throughout the system. Our customers expect the same product at every location, from Lansing, MI, to Ann Arbor, MI, to Columbus, OH. If we uphold and exceed these standards, we can spur brand loyalty and convert first-time visitors into lifetime customers.

If each franchisee adheres to the above standards, Cottage Inn will achieve the mission statement that follows:

Cottage Inn’s mission is to be the number one

Gourmet Pizza franchise in the nation by providing the highest quality

and the largest variety of gourmet pizzas on the market.

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