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Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages are there in becoming a Cottage Inn Franchisee?

Pizza remains America’s #1 food of choice. Our quality Gourmet Pizza and efficient store design developed from our experience will enhance your ability to capitalize on the consumer’s demand. Your success will be driven by your determination and our 65 plus years of experience from the very beginning.

What type of return can I expect on my investment (ROI) in a Cottage Inn?

The ROI will be different for each location. There are many factors that will attribute to your success. Depending on how well the franchisee manages the business by actively participating in sales and marketing campaigns. As well as managing inventory to keep costs down. Cottage Inn encourages all prospective franchisees to research this on their own by contacting other franchise owners with questions about marketing, finances, sales volumes, operations, etc.

Will Cottage Inn help in my site selection?

The ideal site is a high traffic in-line strip shopping center with a “draw” such as a big box retailer. Many prospective franchisees already know of such a location. If you do not have a location in mind, you can use our experience and contacts to assist you in selecting a site. We will schedule a time for site selection to review proposed sites to make sure they meet the Cottage Inn standards.

If I already own a store, why would I want to become a Cottage Inn Franchisee?

You can reduce your cost of goods, share in advertising and marketing, and benefit from name recognition associated with Cottage Inn Gourmet Pizza. By joining Cottage Inn, you can take advantage of our volume purchasing power with vendors to lower costs. You will benefit from our social media and on-line marketing expertise both locally and in the greater area served by Cottage Inn. Plus our on-line ordering system with a built in loyalty program assists with keeping labor costs down as more people take advantage of the ease and benefits of on-line ordering.

Does Cottage Inn  require its franchises to be owner-operated?

No. Although daily participation by an owner, spouse or family member is highly recommended we understand some individuals are looking for a business to own but not operate. We suggest you hire a highly experienced individual to operate your location if you choose to be an owner and not an owner/operator.

How long will it take to open a Cottage Inn  franchise?

The time necessary to open a franchise varies from location to location depending on the local health department rules and regulations and city permits. Based on our experience once a lease is signed, it takes approximately 3 to 6 months

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