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Cottage Inn Pizza Expands from Ann Arbor to China

March 23, 2017

Cottage Inn Pizza lovers can be found all over the Midwest, and now, we’re expanding into new and exciting markets as far away as China! The Cottage Inn Pizza family is excited to welcome our first international location in Qingdao, China, where residents and visitors alike can sample our fantastic pizzas and become lifelong fans. […]

Cottage Inn Announces Expansive Franchise Growth Strategy

February 24, 2017

Great news for Cottage Inn lovers – we’re growing! We’re excited to announce that our gourmet pies are going to be available in even more neighborhoods across the country; our new growth strategy is targeting the Midwest as well as other lucrative markets, with 10 locations slated to open or be in development in Indiana, […]

Midland, Niles, Portage and more!

September 22, 2015

Cottage Inn Pizza continues to expand with our newest stores opening in Midland, Michigan in mid-October, Portage, Michigan in late-October and Niles Michigan in November.   Then we begin our biggest transition into Florida.  After 65 years in business, Cottage Inn Pizza will venture off to Orlando, Florida just down University Blvd about 1 mile […]

Mascot: To-Be or Not-To-BE?

June 19, 2015

With all the new franchise concepts popping-up, one has to wonder, why no Mascots?  Little Caesars as Caesar or a figure that represents itself to be the pizza-pizza man, Domino’s had the Noid, Jet’s has the Rocket Man, Howie’s has Howie, McDonald’s has Ronald and the Hamburgerler,  but other long standing chains are sans mascot, […]

Cottage Inn-Florida? 2015 best new franchise

June 9, 2015

Cottage Inn has signed the first area agreement to head to Florida.  Don’t be surprised if while you are in the blue and orange FSU Gator’s territory that you come across the blue and orange Cottage Inn Pizzeria.  The Cottage Inn management team will be traveling the streets of Gainesville and Tampa Florida this week […]

Cottage Inn 2015-Opportunities for all

May 5, 2015

As I reflect on the turmoil in Baltimore and the tragedy in Nepal I am profoundly glad not only to be a Michigander but to be apart of the Cottage Inn system. We are as diverse a population here at Cottage Inn as one could hope to be. Our Corporate cultural has all ages, all […]

Pizza Franchising in 2015-Cottage Inn continues to grow!

April 27, 2015

To say that times are changing at Cottage Inn is a bit of an understatement.  Cottage Inn opened in Troy, Roseville, Howell, Lincoln Park and Clinton Township in 2014. Now that 2015 is well underway, within the next six to eight weeks Cottage Inn locations will open in Dearborn, Farmington, Waterford, Midland and Allendale.  But […]

Cottage Inn Pizza, best franchise for 2015?

April 7, 2015

Cottage Inn pizzeria franchising is off to a good start in 2015. With cheese and gas prices down (the pizza industries gold & silver), stores are realizing record profits. Cottage inn forayed into the digital world in 2011 with on-line ordering and social media marketing and then upped the intensity in 2013 with digital marketing […]

Cottage Inn in 2015

October 6, 2014

What’s your Franchisor done lately? I don’t know if you have heard the buzz about Cottage Inn or not but great things are happening at Cottage Inn. 2014 has been a very good year. Not only are sales up double digits and most locations have risen over $2,000 in weekly sales, new locations are opening […]

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Management Rules

October 6, 2014

Back in the 90’s when I was studying for a management degree I was taught a very basic principle for management. I referred to it as the POSDIC rule. Following is how I interpreted and applied this rule: Management is very much like story writing. First of all start with a summary, like any good […]

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